Braintoss with Wunderlist

Use braintoss as your capture tool for wunderlistIf you want to use Braintoss as your #GTD capture tool for wunderlist take the following steps:

Make sure you have your personal primary email account in the Braintoss app.
This is needed for communications between the Braintoss and Wunderlist servers.

Send a text note with “set from unique” in it (without the quotes).
When successfully Braintoss will now send emails with a unique sender address.

Send a text note with just the word “settings” in it.
You will receive an email on your primary email account containing your settings.

One of these settings is your Braintoss ID ‘BTid’
Your is the unique email address you are going to use to send Braintosses to Wunderlist.

Log on to Wunderlist with your browser and go to to enable your Wunderlist account to receive email. Tick the tickbox.

After enabling Wunderlist for email go to to add your unique Braintoss email address to your account.
Your unique Braintoss email address is your
It will look something like this:
Wunderlist will sent you an email to verify your Braintoss email address.

After verifying your unique Braintoss email address go into the Braintoss App and go to settings and replace your primary email address or add the following email address as additional email address.
me+your Braintoss
it will look something like this:

Copy and paste your BT id from the settings email to make sure you got your Braintoss ID.
It is important to have your BTid in the wunderlist email address so Braintoss knows this is a Braintoss coming from you.