How Mark Byers – producer and screenwriter – uses Braintoss for his work

I don’t remember exactly when I came first across Braintoss, but it was early days when the app was still free.  I’ve always been fascinated by speech-to-text, and was an early adopter of software like Dragon Naturally Speaking and Otter.

I am a screenwriter and producer for movies and television, and at first I thought it would be cool just to dictate a script and have it all come out on the page, no muss, no fuss.

But all the speech-to-text platforms I tried were very restrictive as to formatting, capitalizations, and punctuation, most of the time auto-correcting my speech into something illegible (much like my handwriting).

So I kind of gave up on the technology, and returned to staring at a blank page until the ideas came.  But more often than not, my best ideas come when I’m doing other things – walking, driving, meeting, trying to get to sleep, at which point I’ve got to scrounge a scrap of paper and scrawl out enough of a note that will remind me of the idea.

I’m sure you know how well that worked out most of the time…   🙁

Then I came across Braintoss, and downloaded it onto my phone immediately.  In a matter of days, Braintoss became the go-to app on my phone.  And I never have to worry about when or where an idea will strike.

Walking, driving, meeting, or sleeping – with Braintoss, I just whip out my phone, speak out the idea, and it’s automatically converted into text and sent to my inbox.  Once I get to the studio, I simply collate the mails I’ve sent to myself, and Hey Presto! I have a foothold on the story or scene I’m working on.

Freed up from staring at the computer screen, or trying to scavenge bits of paper and find a pen, I’m much more spontaneously creative.

Sometimes the ideas come fast and furious, and by the time I get back to the studio and put them all together, I have a nearly complete outline and can set to work immediately on the writing.

Mark Byers – Dezerlin Films