Braintoss on the Job: Growing Daniëls Garden Centre

Could Braintoss be doing more for you? Could it actually make your working life easier, too?

We first thought up Braintoss as a way for individuals to quickly record memos on the go, capturing their thoughts while they’re fresh, so they’d be waiting in their inboxes when they got home. But sometimes our users surprise us.

We’ve loved hearing about all different ways our users put Braintoss to work for them on the job as well. In this series of Q&As we talk to the brains behind those brands, digging into how they do it, and gleaning tips the rest of us can use to simplify our own work.

First, we talked to Giel Greijn – the head of IT at Tuincentrum Daniëls, a garden centre near Maastricht in the Netherlands – to find out how his team is using Braintoss to prune away extra warehouse work.

What first drew you to Braintoss?
I discovered it by word of mouth. I liked that it was easy to use, even for the less-technical members of the warehouse crew.

How does your team put Braintoss to work?
Our warehouse crew uses the app daily to take pictures of orders that come in and send them to the head of the warehouse. This is especially important if anything is broken or missing. The staff also uses it to send quick reminders and ideas to themselves.

How has using Braintoss changed the way the team works?
It used to be a hassle for the crew to take and send these photos. It was frustrating. Now it’s easy for them.

 Is there anything you would change about the app?
I really like its one-click functionality. It does what it does, and it keeps it basic and easy for the team.
I also really appreciate the superb service. When we had a compatibility issue with an older Android device, they responded right away and really took the time to help us find a solution. I didn’t expect that kind of service for such a simple app!

Do you have a Braintoss story? We’d love to hear it, and share it with the world!