Braintoss on the Job: Running a manufacturing powerhouse

If you’re a Braintoss user, then you know our idea-recording app is designed to help
people on the go – like this CEO, who needs to spend a lot of time in his car, and
doesn’t want anything to fall through the cracks between his commutes and client

In our second Q&A with the people who put Braintoss to work for them on the job, we
chat with Arno Wendrich, the CEO of Habets, a crafter of large-scale industrial
components, about how he uses Braintoss to get more out of his frequent car trips.

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to iron out the kinks in their warehouse work.)

What first drew you to Braintoss?
I’ve been using the app for about three years now. I used to use a tape recorder, and
then a smartphone app with the same functionality, but neither were very handy. With
Braintoss, your memo or photo goes right to your inbox. Very practical.

How do you use the app?
I use it five or six times a day, especially when I’m in the car or on the move. Mostly to
record to-dos or reminders. I use the app for both my private and my business ideas. I
pull out Braintoss whenever I have a “brainwave” because it’s quick and easy to use,
ensuring I never forget a good idea.

How do you use Braintoss on the job?
Whenever I have a thought I want to hang onto, I can record it quickly in the app. And I
find myself using the photo functionality more and more, too, to click and mail and
image in one quick action. Ideal.

While I’m driving, I might be on the phone or thinking about my work and have
something I don’t want to forget. Then Braintoss really helps. It helps clear my head: I
can record my thought and know it won’t be forgotten.

How can Braintoss work even better for you?
I would like to be able to manage Braintoss with voice commands so that I can stay
completely hands-free in the car.

Good news! It is possible to operate Braintoss by voice command alone. Learn
more here.

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