Form the blog of Ed Smoluk

Friend of the app Ed Smoluk – @eddiesmo – has a great write up about Braintoss and how it makes him more productive. Check out his blog post here.

Back Tap to open the Braintoss app

Back Tap is just what it sounds like: it lets you tap the back of your iPhone to perform an action. The intended use case is to turn on another accessibility feature, such as VoiceOver or to perform an action on a hardware Switch Control. But the feature is extremely versatile: it can be set […]

How Mark Byers – producer and screenwriter – uses Braintoss for his work

I don’t remember exactly when I came first across Braintoss, but it was early days when the app was still free.  I’ve always been fascinated by speech-to-text, and was an early adopter of software like Dragon Naturally Speaking and Otter. I am a screenwriter and producer for movies and television, and at first I thought […]